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The Greenhouse

20180202_124453I love our greenhouse! Our 1 acre is on a hill. Our house is up high and our growing space is down below where is has a tendency to get very wet in the spring or during a thaw. Because of this we had to raise our greenhouse up a couple feet to make sure it would not be full of water in the spring. This is not so good for insulation in the winter, but it does keep it from floating!

We were inspired by Eliot Coleman and his book Four Season Harvest to put in a greenhouse and two winters ago we had greens almost all winter except for the coldest couple of weeks. I have found that when I use the greenhouse for tomatoes I don’t get greens planted early enough for a winter harvest in here.

We use the double coverage method in the greenhouse to keep the soil warmer.


We used an old movable garage shed for the frame and bought greenhouse plastic to cover it for longevity.

The greenhouse is 12 x 20 with a vent on one end on top and a window and door that open on the other end. The vent and window have automatic openers for when it is hot. It is a very basic greenhouse because we did not put in a fan.

We have drip irrigation, although I would like to rework it to be more efficient. I have grown our tomatoes there for the last several years and this year I am going to give it a break and plant more greens in it as crop rotation is important.

I was able to can as much tomato sauce as we will need this year from those tomatoes as well as lots of salsa. We may fall short on salsa before tomatoes are ripe again this year and this is a year I need to make Ketchup so I will need a lot of tomatoes, I hope our garden is up for the challenge!

I also grew peppers here and was able to freeze several pints to be used in stirfrys etc.

Last year I wintered over leeks in here and they were delicious, we just don’t have storage for them so I would dig them out when it was warm enough and we needed them.

I had some leeks planted in here and some small onions, however some critter (a gopher I think) has been munching the tops. I have been researching ways to get rid of gophers. I haven’t found anything I love, but they have got to go!


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