What’s Left in the Root Cellar

April 11, 2018


We finished the last of our potatoes over the past week, they were still yummy and delicious! Our biggest challenge has been storing carrots and beets so they remain delicious and pretty. We still have carrots and beets in the root cellar, but they are not pretty. I mostly shread them after I peel them and add them to stir fries and soups.

For the past two years, we have stored them in bushel baskets, separated and covered with sawdust, in our root cellar. This method has not been highly successful. We are trying to figure out a better plan for this winter.

In the pantry, we still have peaches, tomato sauce, salsa, apple butter, quince butter, applesauce, peach chutney, some pickles and dried mushrooms.

In our bedroom closet, the perfect storage area for winter squash we still have two butternuts and a delicata waiting to be eaten.

The freezers contain sausage, bacon, soup bones and chops, stew chicken a couple roasting chickens as well as strawberries, blueberries, shredded zucchini, green beans, peppers, gooseberries, fiddle heads, beet greens and some other odds and ends.

We also have eggs from our lovely chickens.

The one thing the voles have not eaten in the greenhouse are some kale plants that are growing again since it has been toasty in there.

So we will not starve between now and the first tomato, but I may have to buy some potatoes and sweet potatoes to supplement our breakfasts.

Enjoy the return of spring!



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