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Voles vs LA

I am at war with the voles that have been eating everything growing in our greenhouse.

I tried to deter them with castor oil pellets, a lot of them, to no avail. I finally (several months late) made some vole traps Elliot Coleman style. See this link for a photo of his traps.

After waiting a few months for River to make the traps, (not like he was busy making syrup or anything!) The little boys and I finally made 3 on Sunday using scrap wood. We had managed to dispose of a couple voles without traps (don’t ask, you don’t want to know what happened) we knew that they had been eating really well and were quite chubby, so I decided to get some rat traps similar to what Elliot uses. I also got two of the mouse traps he used on the off chance they would work.

I did not put bottoms on my traps, so I put them directly over some of the entrance holes in the greenhouse. I got two in the first 24 hours with no bait in the same rat trap, over what looked like a well used entrance.

The trap that had the mouse traps in it was missing a trap, completely gone. I looked around the greenhouse and did not find it anywhere. I had accidentally made the doors on this one a little larger then I meant to, so the vole must have pulled the trap out through the hole when it was stuck on its little foot or something and managed to get into a hole with it.


LA 2

Voles 1 (and all the greens and bean seeds in the greenhouse)

Yesterday I rearranged the traps and added some apple and orange bait to change it up a bit and success! One more Vole down!


LA 3

Voles 1 (and all the greens we should be eating right now except the kale, apparently they don’t like kale)

I have been reading This Organic Life Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader by Joan Dye Gussow, she brings up the point that even if we are vegetarian, it does not mean that no death is involved in growing the plants we eat. She talks about the true cost of the food we eat.

“Whatever you choose to eat, and wherever you get it, the true cost of your food will, almost inevitably, include death.”

This Organic Life Confessions of a Suburban Homesteader page 161 Joan Dye Gussow

I tried alternatives to no avail. Unfortunately in this situation, to successfully grow food to eat I have to get rid of these little creatures.

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