Farming, Flowers


Friday was a glorious day here in Maine! We spent the entire day outside resulting in me having my first sunburn of the season as I forgot to put sun hats on everyone.

We were cleaning up the flower/blueberry bed in the center of our driveway. In October we were hit with a big nor easter that blew down many trees and took out power to many people in the North East. We had cleaned up the two huge pines that blew down (one of which totaled our truck, the other one missing our other vehicle by about a foot, a branch putting a slight dent in the tailgate and taking of the H), but all the debris was still in the flower garden and needed to be raked out and disposed of. I usually spread leaves etc. in our garden field to raise the height of the field over time as it floods every spring, but i didn’t think i wanted all the pine debris down there due to acidity. I ended up burning much of it, slowly, during the day in our fire pit.

Any time I am in this particular garden I think of my Aunt Willow. She was  a flower and nature lover, garden designer, farmer and very kind and generous. Many of my daffodil bulbs came from her as did some of my blueberry bushes. A couple of weeks from now this garden will be filled with yellow against a stone, lichen and moss backdrop. Willow drove by our house everyday and I would either see her in passing or she would call to say how much she enjoyed driving by our garden as it was so lovely this time of year.

The little boys and I planted many flower seeds on Friday as a tribute to Willow and I hope many of them come to fruition, she loved color and the beauty of flowers. She was magic in the garden and anyone that knew her or had a garden designed or planted by her, knows her magic still lives on.

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