Confession, I was very late starting our seedlings this spring, but I have had good success, even with some of our older seeds. I have never been really good at taking inventory before I order seeds, I just ordered what I wanted. This was not a very frugal or professional way to buy seeds. I decided that I needed to try to use as many of our older and going out of date seeds this spring before purchasing new seeds.

As a result:

onions grew (but I will still have to buy some sets), leeks did not

I have many tomato seedlings of many different kinds (I just counted 52 seedlings, not varieties), not so many pepper seedlings (13)

I have lots of basil (for the first time, basil has been on my hard to grow list for some reason)

A plethora of swiss chard, which i usually direct seed, but the littles wanted to plant a tray of seedlings and chard and kale are an easy size for them to handle.

There are many items that will be direct seeded, all the squash and pumpkins, the brussel sprouts and greens.

I will start some melon seedlings soon and some broccoli and red cabbage a bit later. Last year after talking to Eli at Mahalo Farm, I planted broccoli and cabbage seedlings in the beds I had just harvested garlic from in August and it worked out really well. It was the first time I had actually gotten a measurable amount of broccoli and cabbage to store. Delish, if you have ever eaten sweet and sour cabbage, you know why I specifically like red cabbage. One of my fall favs!


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