Farming, Fruit


I pruned our gooseberry and raspberry plants the other day. I am always hesitant to cut too much even though every you tube video shows many of the canes being cut.

We have both summer bearing and ever bearing raspberries and black raspberries . They are all pruned differently.

These are all mixed together in our beds because I didn’t know when my first plants were given to me that one was a black raspberry and later didn’t realize that everbearing and summer bearing were pruned differently either.

Now that I am a farmer, I am trying to sort this out a bit to make it easier harvest and care for the plants, some of the plants are well established so I don’t like to move them too much.

I did a little reorganization, not too much, I should really just go for it , and I pruned things like a wild woman. My Aunt Willow always said that you had to hurt the plants a little bit to remind them they were alive. She was right, we get a much better harvest of fruit on all our trees and canes when we prune them.

The gooseberries are at the point where they have been so badly pruned that many of them were laying on there sides. It seems they form new plants by growing roots off the ends just like black raspberries do, so we have a long line of gooseberry bushes now. This is lovely and I will try to keep up with my pruning in the future to establish a better growth and harvest program for our cane fruit.


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