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Asparagus! And Big Breakfast Muffins

Asparagus, fresh from the garden this morning, less then 10 minutes from picking to plate, so tasty! I also put some in these Big Breakfast Muffins…

I never have everything in the recipe at the same time, so as a (mostly) seasonal eating family, I put in what I have, caramelized onions are fabulous as well as a dab of goat cheese (my brother has goats, so I usually make my own when they are milking) or sour cream add a creamy texture. We usually have Firehouse Farm breakfast sausage in them as well. I have also used whey leftover from making Greek yogurt or goat cheese in place of milk, this gives a slightly different flavor and is also delicious.

My oldest, who does not like eggs, will eat these, just don’t call them mini quiche!

This mornings muffins had sour cream, Firehouse Farm breakfast sausage, asparagus, chives and rosemary harvested this morning and eggs from our chickens. I use gluten free flour as I have celiac disease and they taste delicious. The nice thing about these are they are customizable, someone doesn’t eat meat, no problem, this one doesn’t like asparagus, leave it out of a few. So easy and quick, also good as leftovers.

My muffins have never looked like those pictured in the recipe. But they sure taste good!


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