Meat Animals

Chicks are here!

Our meat birds a arrived at the post office at 6:45 this morning. We ordered 100 from the hatchery. We received 105. One of them was dead. One is a surprise breed, which will take longer to mature then the others…

They were a week and a half late, we were supposed to get them last Monday. Hopefully they bulk up quickly.

We have found that dipping all there beaks in water when we take them out of the shipping box reduces our mortality rate. It is like they need a wake up call “oh right, water, I need that!”

The chicks are so soft and fuzzy, the boys love to pet them and they always name the special breed, which gets extra love since it is the only one we can tell apart.

We would love to have a local meat bird breeder to get our chicks from, but so far no dice.

Piglets will arrive in June and we will be on our way to pork, yummy, yum!


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