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What’s For Breakfast Toad in the Hole

This morning I made Toad in the Hole. So easy to make, butter one side of a piece of bread, use a cup or cookie cutter to cut a hole in the middle of the bread. Put it in your buttered fry pan or griddle, butter side up, and break an egg into the hole. Set a timer for two minutes. When the timer goes off flip the toast and egg over and set the timer for two more minutes.

I have found this to be just the right amount of time for a perfectly done egg. Remove from pan, sprinkle with salt and enjoy!

So easy and quick. The little hole of toast makes for a lovely yolk dipper or a tasty treat with some maple butter or jam.

I have yet to make an excellent loaf of gluten free bread. There is, lucky for me, an excellent gf bakery in Brunswick, two towns from our farm. Wildflours is the name and all there treats are tasty good!

Check them out if you are in the area!

As an aside, I do not get paid to promote Wildflours, I just love them and love being able to get local fresh bread and treats that I can eat, plus they are really, really kind, what’s not to love!

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