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Food For Sale!

We have some items for sale! Our little store is not ready yet, and we have a limited quantity of some items available, which I will pick fresh as requested. Call ahead if you would like them ready for pick up. 207-400-9898

I will be home all day today to fill orders.

Rhubarb $4 a pound

Red Winecap Mushrooms $5 a pound

These are a meaty mushroom when used fresh, that takes on the flavors of whatever it is cooked with

Kale $3 a bag

This is kale that grew back from some of last years stems. The kale is so tender, we use it for salads, delish!


Chaga $2.50 an ounce, bulk pricing available

Locally sourced within 20 miles of Firehouse Farm, available for shipping, call or text me with questions 207-400-9898


Dried Mushrooms $4.50 a Bag

Available for shipping, quantity pricing available


Maple Syrup $23 a quart, Amber or Dark available, get it well it lasts!

Amber on the left, Dark on the right



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