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What’s For Breakfast?to French Toast

Since we had Wildflours GF bread in the house, (gf bread is expensive, so we often do without) I made French Toast twice, the kids love it and it is easy!

Slice your bread, whisk your eggs, add a tich of cold water (this makes the eggs fluffier when cooked, there is actual science behind it, as the water evaporates, it leaves pockets of air in the eggs, making them fluffier.)  One large egg will cover about two slices of bread

Turn on your griddle to about medium heat (we love our cast iron fry pans) and grease pan. Butter, olive oil, coconut oil or lard all work well for this.

Put your bread in the egg mixture, making sure both side are well coated, and put it on your hot, greased griddle.

Cook until brown on one side and flip over.

Serve with Firehouse Farm maple syrup and sausage of course!

A variation on this would be to add cinnamon to the egg batter. I pour the extra egg mixture into the griddle to make scrambled eggs when I am done, waste not, want not!

Check out Wildflours goodies at

Disclaimer: I do not get paid to tell you I love Wildflours Bakery, I do it because they have a quality product, they are local and they are kind. Three excellent reasons to frequent a local business.

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