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What’s For Breakfast? Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions with Root Vegetable Pancakes

Our Red Winecap mushrooms are coming up! This morning i picked some mushrooms out the back door and sautéed them up with some onions for breakfast, they were delicious! 573239b1-986f-4846-8b91-027cef08c134.jpeg

Not everyone likes mushrooms in this house, we had leftover root veggie pancakes with applesauce and Firehouse Farm Breakfast sausage too.

I used the food processor to shred two onions, several potatoes and a carrot. Sometimes I add beets as well.

I put in four eggs, salt and pepper and a couple tablespoons of cornstarch as a thickner in the bowl and stirred it up.  I heated up the skillet to medium high and put forkfuls of the mixture in the hot skillet.

Shredded Onion, potatoes and carrot
Frying the pancakes

River had a couple fried eggs on his mushrooms too…

Yum, yum, breakfast is done!

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