GF Flour Mix

When I was diagnosed with celiac disease 14 years ago, celiac was not well known. There were a few items in the grocery store that I could buy pre-made, honestly most of them didn’t taste very good, and they were extremely expensive. I tried many, many kinds of bread and gf products over the years and I now have some tried and trues that I have used for years.

One is my flour mix, which I have found to be easily used in most regular recipes to make a really tasty treats. I found this recipe on line a few years ago and I have recommended it to many friends.

This recipe came from Shoshanna Easling and her book Making Babies. I found it on another blog, but this is the original source.

Shoshanna’s Gluten Free Flour Mix

5 cups brown rice flour
3 cups sorghum flour
2 2/3 cups arrowroot flour
1 cup potato starch flour
1/3 cup tapioca or potato flour
2 Tablespoons xanthan gum

I even make pie dough with this mix!

When I first started making this I measured it out very carefully, now I roughly estimate how much I need to pour out of my storage jars.

I buy flours in bulk to save money, I store them in half gallon glass canning jars. We got most of them for free, which made it economical, and it keeps the mice from getting into things if they are around.

One thing I have found with gluten free baking is that it is more expensive then cooking with wheat flour, and that not everything turns out perfectly.

I have yet to make a great yeast bread, so I buy loaves from Wildflours in Brunswick. There bread is about the same cost as a frozen gf bread at the store, local and so much tastier, with a great texture! Check out Wildflours at or on Facebook. They offer a selection of yummy treats daily!

My go to almond meal pizza crust is great too!

Put your favorite gf recipes in the comments so everyone can try them out!

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