Memorial Day Weekend on the Farm

This was busy weekend on the farm. Friday, River took the day off from work to help a friend cut down trees that had fallen in our big storm last October. It was our warmest day this year and there were browntail moth caterpillar’s everywhere. He said at one point they were practically raining on him. Needless to say he ended up with a pretty impressive rash. Saturday he ended up at the walk in clinic to get a prescription so he could sleep.

I was sick with a virus on Sunday, so we all hung out and I mostly slept. Luckily River was home to keep the boys fed and occupied.

We planted our tomato and pepper seedlings in the garden. I am loath to say how depressingly small many of my seedlings were. I had 5 good sized tomatoes out of 57 plants and the rest were tiny.

River put up electric fencing in the chicken coop which ended up being a bust because the chickens got out anyway. See my post on Chicken Fencing to find out how we finally solved this problem.

On Tuesday I discovered that something had dug up several of my tomato seedlings. It was in the bed that I had added eggshells to last. Adding eggshells to your soil for tomato’s and peppers can ward off blossom end rot because they contain calcium. This is the first year I have done this, so I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of the eggshells yet. I washed and crushed them with my hand, perhaps I should have put them through the blender to make them of less interest to critters.

It was nice to be working close together on projects as River and I are often working on things that are far apart and the Littles went back and forth “helping” as they felt like it. A was actually very good at transplanting tomatoes. Of the three boys he seems to enjoy the gardens the most.

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