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Farm update…

It has been a busy couple of weeks on the farm.

We added to our garden area at the away field, started hilling potatoes over there and are ready to plant another 35 lbs of potatoes and more onions. That is one of this weeks projects (hopefully, mom life means it isn’t always done in the timely manner that I wish it was) The Littles will be spending some time at my grandmothers on Wednesday morning and my plan is to work like crazy at the away field to get it all planted at least.

Adding more garden space meant collecting more manure from a local horse farm. We rented a dump trailer for this and hoped to haul poop all weekend. This was cut short when the tractor at the farm wasn’t working properly. River was able to get six loads. This is less then half of what we hoped for. We got 5 loads at the field and 1 load at our farm.

We laid down cardboard in the away field then put the manure on top of the cardboard. We will spread woodchips around the outside on top of the cardboard to keep the grasses from taking over the potatoes and onions.

I am also building some new beds at our house. We have a combination of raised beds ( it is extremely wet in our field in early spring) and beds directly in the soil. My hope this week is to add more of our compost to at least one of the ground beds and plant carrots. Surrounding the bed with cardboard and  woodchips to keep the weeds at bay. We would like all our paths to have woodchips on them as we use a no till system at this time, this would help keep down the weeds and give the boys a visual of where they may put there little feet. This is a challenge!

I will be weeding in the greenhouse and we will be taking the top and one side off the greenhouse. We do this to wash away salts and other things that can build up in the greenhouse soil. This year I have planted all my peppers and tomatoes in the field to have a little crop rotation in there. I have planted summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and Jenny Lind Musk melons in there. The cukes and melons will grow on trellis’.  I am going to plant some other goodies in there too as I have more space.

My vole traps are working really well. I am still catching critters in them, so I move them around a bit to keep it fresh. I don’t want the little critters to catch on to my tricks! I am missing a rat trap, it would seem that there is a larger critter that Has found our trapped critters make an easy meal. So they have taken to opening the boxes and removing  the rat traps, and leaving them strewn about the garden.

Our fruit production will be low this year. Two of our peach trees died. Our apricot, apple and plum trees all had lovely blossoms, but no fruit has formed. They may have gotten a touch of frost at the wrong time. Our peach and pear trees are loaded with fruit as are the raspberries, black raspberries and mulberry plants.  About half our blueberries have fruit. I think some may need new homes to produce more fruit. More sun perhaps.

We picked our first strawberry yesterday. That was the highlight of our week so far harvest wise.

This is just a little update on recent and current events happening at Firehouse Farm.

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