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Dinner Tonight Italian Sausage with Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard

Since we are out of all our root veggies except a few beets (not my favorite thing to prepare obviously, or they would be gone too) when we were at our local store Bath Natural Market this afternoon and they had a couple sweet potatoes on sale, I grabbed them.

Dinner became a stir fry with Firehouse Farm Italian Sausage, and from the greenhouse a leek, Swiss chard and fresh garlic ( Not even sure how this managed to get planted in the greenhouse, compost perhaps, would that even happen?)

Goodies from the greenhouse, I broke the leek pulling it up, when will I learn to just start with the shovel before it breaks?….

I began by sautéing the sausage, adding the chopped leek and sweet potato at the same time. While they cooked I added some hot pepper flakes (from last summers peppers) salt and pepper. I added the garlic and Swiss chard when everything was almost done, wilting the Swiss chard.

Swiss chard in the greenhouse, ready to be picked…

Serving this with rice tonight, hopefully the kids aren’t too disappointed when breakfast is basically the same thing substitute Italian Sausage for Breakfast Sausage and no rice. Wish me luck…



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