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What’s Growing Right now…

McFarland Lilacs are still blooming. I love that they arrive after the regular whites and purples. They re such a pretty color!


Green beans, these are a variety called provider, I saved the seeds from last year.
Swiss chard in the greenhouse, ready to be picked…
Cukes in the greenhouse, ready to climb the trellis, it has blossoms all
Zucchini in the greenhouse, blossoms almost ready to open…
Peaches, yumm
Pears, delicious, but time consuming to preserve
Black raspberries
Mulberries, these are so delicious. They will turn a dark reddish black before they are ready to harvest, so sweet and juicy.
Basil, my first year growing it successfully from seed, strange that the have had so much trouble with it.
Cilantro, can’t do without this tasty herb
My home grown sweet potato slips planted in the garden. I managed to plant them Saturday morning before lacrosse games and before rain arrived.
Peas! Something nibbled at a couple plants so I covered them with deer fencing, not sure if it was a little creature, like a bunny or a deer.
Baby Leeks and kale and Swiss chard. Ready to be transplanted…
Leaf lettuce, yum
Mustards, planning to grow my own mustard seeds this year, whoop, whoop! I’m going to put some diatomaceous earth on these, the tiny holes could be flea beetles…
Garlic Scapes, oh summer food we love you!
Strawberries, this was our first ripe one, the three boys got to split it, luckies



2 thoughts on “What’s Growing Right now…”

  1. Are those native red mulberries? They are not native here. Black mulberries used to grow around the orchards to keep birds distracted from the fruit within, but I have not seen one in years.

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    1. I’m not sure what kind they are, this tree is probably 50 years old. The original owner of the property planted it. The berries are so sweet and yummy the darker they get!


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