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Picking Strawberries

We went to Milkweed Farm, about 20 minutes from us to pick strawberries for the freezer as ours are in the first year and not prolific by any stretch of the imagination.

Milkweed Farm in Brunswick is a wonderful place, Lucretia Woodruff, farmer extraordinar, has created an amazing farm with her family. Her knowledge of fruit and biodynamic farming techniques, amaze me and I wanted to glean any information I could from her.

This was a perfect place to pick with small children. Lucretia had last years strawberry patch available for the kids to pick from, right next to this years patch. There is also a play area with slides and hay bales etc. I had three mama friends with me and we had 8 children under 8 with us, they were easily entertained for the hour and a half we were there.

Into the freezer for a taste of summer anytime

T was with me as well and both of us picked 8 pounds of strawberries in less then 1.5 hours. I cut and froze 10 quarts, and the rest was for immediate consumption, yuuuuummm! So tasty! We may have to go back in the next couple of weeks!

Find our more about Milkweed Farm here:

3 thoughts on “Picking Strawberries”

  1. Of the berries, this is my least favorite, but we are just a few miles from Watsonville, which is famous for strawberries! It is strawberry fields forever! In the home garden, we do not get enough to freeze, perhaps because I grow as little as I can get away with.


    1. Black raspberries are my favorite. We never have enough to freeze even though our berry patch continues to grow, we manage to eat everything there in season.

      Strawberries sometimes have a sharpshooter taste I find, they are good in smoothies or as a sauce for Dutch babies.

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      1. Black raspberries are uncommon here. Almost all are red, and a few are that pale yellow color that I think is supposed to be golden. The yellow ones have very mild or even bland flavor. I think that the red ones are best. The black ones taste more like blackberries. I think that in the Northwest, both the golden and black raspberries have better flavor, and taste more like they should. We happened to plant a single black raspberry, just to see how it does in that new location. (Even though it is just a few miles away, the climate is very different.) I happen to like blackberries, so will like it either way. Although I would rather not waste the space, we will probably plant a few strawberries as well, just because everyone else wants them. If they grow as well as I think they will, they will not bother me much.

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