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This Little Piggie Stayed Home…

We have piggies! Our piggies are happily rooting up the hillside at Mahalo Farm with there piggies. Mahalo Farm has an area that needs to be cleaned up in preparation for a future orchard. It is awesome that while growing our food, we can also prepare an area for growing more food!

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These little piggies love to be scratched all over…

3 thoughts on “This Little Piggie Stayed Home…”

  1. Baby pigs are my favorite farm animals after lambs. When growing up on our family farm my dad raised hogs to sell and we always raised enough to have two for meat, for our family. I remember once we raised a piglet on the bottle. The mother (sow) had mashed the little piglet and hurt his hip. He would wake up in the middle of the night squealing for my mom to get up. We had him in a big aluminum wash tub. with a heat lamp. As he grew he got so he could jump out of the tub. He was everywhere then! Dad finally took him back to his Momma. But he would come back to the house ever
    time he got the chancel.
    My brother raised several litters a couple of years ago. They were so sweet.


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