Rice Salad

I had a few of my friends over the other night for a ladies get together. We have known each other for years and they are some of my besties! I was a little at a loss of what to make as I hadn’t been to the store lately. So I looked at the pantry and the garden, what could I create?

I came up with a rice, sheep sorrel, spinach salad with chive flowers on it and a lemon, cider vinegar, garlic dressing. It was a tasty treat and I could have eaten the entire bowl myself.

I generally order my rice through amazon in 25 pound bags. I like to get a rice grown in the USA and Lundburger has a rice that is growing on fields that aren’t organic yet, but are in transition. This rice is less expensive then the organic rice, but I know they aren’t applying chemicals during production, which makes me feel good about it.

I had saved the large sheep sorrel patch that was in the row between our peas and beets in the garden. People may have thought I just left a strange bunch of weeds in my garden, but I was really just saving my sheep sorrel for salads! Sheep sorrel is a tasty treat that tastes lemon-y, it adds a lovely flavor to a salad of greens and to this rice salad.


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