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What’s for Dinner? New Potatoes and Peas

‘Tis the season for new potatoes and peas. If you have never had a fresh new potato dug from the garden or a local garden, do yourself a favor and go to the farmers market to get some. There is no comparison between a freshly dug new potato where the skin is peeling off and a potato that has been saved for storage. They are fresh, they are crisp, they are amazing. Slice one and cook it up with a couple garlic scapes. You won’t believe how good it is!


My dad’s family is from Northern Maine, potato country, and this is a recipe that we have eaten since I was little. My grandmother used to make it every time we went to Limestone.

Step one: get the children to stop eating all the peas before they get to the house…

Everything looks so fresh and yummy!

Step two: Clean your potatoes gently, the skin is tender so you don’t need to peel it or anything. Just wash gently and chop the potatoes into bite sized pieces, better yet, get your children to help you, our five year old is a pro.

The photo is a little steamy looking…so, so good, just imagine the creamy, buttery, salty, new potato taste.

Boil potatoes gently in water until mostly cooked. Add your fresh peas and cook for about three minutes. Drain the water and add cream and butter, bring to a simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste and stir gently. At this point your potatoes will be gently cooking and should be almost done.

These are actually the left overs, they are so good, my boys even like them cold…

The best way to eat this dish is by mashing your plate of peas and potatoes together so they absorb as much of the buttery cream as possible. So delicious, if I had a photo of me eating my first bite of the year I would post it, I’m sure it would have shown a look of pure pleasure…

We had this as a side with lobster…so tasty!

2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner? New Potatoes and Peas”

  1. Our potatoes are later and our peas are earlier. That is just how our climate it. Some people on the coast get later peas, but the potatoes are later too. They just do not match up too well here.


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