Chickens, For Sale, Maple Syrup

Woolwich Day’s

We are planning to be at Woolwich Day’s on August 4th from 9 to 2. We will be selling Smoked, Pulled Chicken BBQ sandwiches, frozen chicken, fresh garlic and the last of our maple syrup.

Join everyone for crafts, fun and food at the Woolwich Day’s event, we hope to see you there!

If you come to the farm this Sunday, July 29th to Saturday, August 4th to buy chickens we will give you 5% off, buy ’em fresh by calling me before tomorrow to reserve a fresh one or buy them frozen starting Sunday. Our flag holder for the open sign by the road broke, but our self serve store is still open!

3 thoughts on “Woolwich Day’s”

      1. Tabasco sauce . . . unless of course we happen to get pancake syrup from a store. It is not made from maple, but from corn, and flavored like maple. I rarely get maple syrup. It is quite expensive. Many years ago, I got a very small volume of maple syrup from a bigleaf maple in my garden because my colleagues told me that it was not possible. There is no real sugaring season here because when the days warm up at the end of winter the nights do as well. The maples are dormant only for a short time, and they come out of dormancy suddenly. Also many years ago, before I got syrup from my tree, an intern from Germany stayed with me for a summer. He was so fascinated by maple syrup and maple flavored corn syrup that I got him several different grades of maple syrup to take back to Germany with him. It had been something that he had seen in the ‘ethnic foods’ section of a supermarket in Germany, but only wondered about.


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