Local Adventures: Thorne Head Preserve

We are so lucky to live in an area with a lot of local preserves around. This was our first adventure for just the two of us while Grandma and G.G. were off in Acadia with the two older boys. We had niece dog, Lucy with us as well, she is such a good dog and we love to have her with us on our adventures. #3 was glad to have company besides mama as well. At one point he was jumping off the log in the above photo and said, “Mama, you don’t need to stay near me, Lucy will keep me safe.”

Mushroom rock, hugs and snacks. Awww.

This is a great preserve, some trails are overlooking the Kennebec River and the trails seem endless when you are small. We took some trails we hadn’t before and still ended up at the mushroom rock for a little snack. Somehow we always seem to end up back here no matter where we start, a great spot to snack and to view the water, chat and rest.

Check out your local preserves for some outside fun and adventures with your little ones, they may surprise you with there hiking abilities!

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