Little Local Adventures: Merrymeeting Fields

My mom and Grandmother took the older boys to Acadia for four days, lucky boys, so we only had #3 at home. I took the opportunity to take him on a few local hikes. We had our niece dog, Lucy, here as well, she is the best dog, we love to have her!

There is only parking for a few vehicles here unless you park on the road, we were the only people here when we went, so not a problem.

#3 loves to play in the sand and by the water, getting in the water is not on his list of priorities!

Merrymeeting Fields paths take you right down to Merrymeeting bay which is beautiful, we saw a group of kayakers paddling back from Swan Island where they had spent the night. They were from Chop Point Camp close by.

Lucy went right for the water of course, and #3 was thrilled to throw rocks in the water, boy and dog had a blast awww, cousin adventures, so fun.

Niece dog Lucy, such a good girl!

It is very different to have only one little guy with me, normally I have at least two and occasionally one or two more on our adventures. #3 was asking where all the other people were. Perhaps I was not company enough for him? Poor kiddo.

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