What’s in the garden?

This morning I harvested tomatoes, peaches, green beans, summer squash, swiss chard, cukes and a few peas. I also ate a couple raspberries, don’t tell the children, I ate them myself. So yummy.

Green Beans


Swiss Chard, yummy!


I think River is tired of eating summer squash, poor guy, I have sauteed it, made it into fritters and shreaded it for the freezer this winter. Only one of the children likes it so the three of us end up eating a lot of it! Everyone did try the fritters too, that was a win, just more work then sauteing it.

Our peach tree is not as prolific as last year, I am a little worried about our fruit harvest as the blueberries in the field we usually harvest were non existent, our plums, apple and apricot trees did not produce fruit and our blueberries only have a few berries as did the raspberries and the mulberries. A tricky situation. Our pears were mostly eaten by crows so I didn’t get any of them dried this year.

Hopefully our neighborhood apples will be awesome this year!

1 thought on “Harvest”

  1. Even in the Santa Clara Valley where we are famous for fruits and nuts (preferably those that grow on trees), the fruit trees get off years, and off years typically affect a few types of fruit.


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