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Applesauce – Fall is Coming!

The beautiful basket of apples are all drops from a neighbors MacIntosh apple tree. We turned it into 5 quarts of applesauce. This was just a bit of the applesauce we will make for the year, all from local apples that our neighbors either don’t want or use, or that we barter for. This year we are hoping to make 100 quarts of applesauce as we didn’t get any blueberries, our usual spot was barren this year, and only five quarts of peaches.

I chopped up the apples, removing bad spots, I left the peels on as we will use a special grinder to separate the stems and peels from the sauce, this saves a lot of time.

I added a little water and cooked the apples covered until they were quite soft. The softened apples then go in the grinder attachment, separating the peels and stems from the yumminess.

While I was making applesauce, our oldest son, made apple crisp for breakfast the next day. He was using an apple peeler corer to save time and because it is fun to use.


This is our set up for small batches of sauce with an attachment to our Kitchen Aid Mixer. We have a meat grinder with a special attachment for our large batches which is even faster then this. Cooked apples go in the top, sauce comes out into the yellow bowl and the skin comes out into the silver bowl.


A view from above. I put all the waste in twice, by the time we were done I only had about a cup and a half of waste from the cooked apples. I had taken out bad spots and fed them to the chickens and most of the stems came out too, the chickens were thrilled! Leaving the skins on makes the sauce a little bit pink, which looks pretty on the table and in the jars.

I am working on my second batch of applesauce from our second pickup of dropped apples tonight and tomorrow, almost two bushels that the little and I picked up. The drops that were not appropriate to make into sauce we turned into pork, yummy, yummy!

Eat the ugly fruits and veggies is our motto. No need to waste good food that is covered with an ugly outside just because it looks funny. Make it into something pretty, like applesauce!

5 thoughts on “Applesauce – Fall is Coming!”

  1. Our applesauce comes from the abundant Gravenstein apples. Winters are too mild for McIntosh I think. We stew the apples with only a small puddle of water in the pot to start the process. We add not sugar or spice. It gets added later if necessary. The peels and cores get stewed for pectin for jam and jelly with the stone fruits next year.


    1. Wow, I love that you make your own pectin! We make very little jam or jelly as we don’t eat a lot of bread and I found we weren’t eating it fast enough!

      We don’t add anything to our applesauce either, it is just right as it is!

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      1. Well, it would make sense to use it when it is available; but it is not available until all the other fruit that it would be mixed with is finished. If I wanted to do it right, I would make pectin with pippin or mild flavored apples so that it does not change the flavor of the other fruit much. However, I use ‘Gravestein’ apple peels and cores because that is what we happen to can as applesauce, so the pectin has a flavor that changes the flavor of whatever it gets mixed with. It is a good flavor though.


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