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Duck Broth

A few weeks ago, River helped some friends slaughter meat ducks. We got a duck, yummy, the necks for broth, and the livers, hearts, etc.

River loves liver, usually we invite my grandmother over who also loves liver when we make something like this. The boys and I don’t care for it.

Using my insta-pot, I put leek greens from our garden, parsley from a friend and duck necks in the pot and added water. I don’t usually add salt or pepper until i am using the both in a recipe. I covered my pot, made sure the vent was closed and set it for an hour.

This will be broth soon!

When it is done, I will strain the broth and store it in 1/2 gallon jars in the fridge. This time of year, I make one or two soups a week. It always tastes good on a chilly day and I heat some up for River and #1’s lunches and put it in a thermos for them, so nice to have a hot lunch when it is cold outside.

Duck necks have a lot more meat on them then chicken necks! I think there were 6 necks in the bag and I got almost a quart of meat from them.

Yummy, nutrient dense, broth in an hour. I had already cooked some pumpkins that were not going to store in the pot this morning and roasted some of them in the oven. On the docket for dinner tonight, Roasted pumpkin and black bean soup. I will be putting the steamed pumpkin in 2 cup jars in the freezer for future pies and puddings, muffins or anything pumpkin!

Roasted Pumpkin
Steamed Pumpkin

3 thoughts on “Duck Broth”

  1. Duck is something I do not miss. We got way too much of it in college, and it was not the best. We now must work with the turkeys that are infesting the neighborhood. They are not native here, but are proliferating at an alarming rate. They all look the same to me, so I do not bother to select them myself. The neighbor picks out the good ones. We do not hunt them. They just walk into the garden and get ‘selected’.


    1. We have many, many turkeys here as well. River hunts, but he has not hunted turkey in the last few years as the tags are kind of expensive and we have been growing our own meat. I am surprised you got duck at school. Was it wild duck or grown for food?

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      1. The duck would be classified as wild, but most were not likely migratory either. Some tasted like they got out more than others. Most came from the area near Foster City, and they tasted as such. Back in the 1980s, there were still places in the region where it was possible to get duck. I doubt that there is anyplace that is far enough out away from everything.


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