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Busy Season?

Oh, this is supposed to be the slow season? I feel this every year, we should be relaxing into winter, cozying up and spending time together. Instead, we are busy, busy, busy. For us this year it means, still cutting firewood and building a WWOOFER cabin. WWOOFER’s are people that work on your farm in exchange for food and shelter. This was our first year having wwoofers and one thing that was lacking was somewhere warm for people to stay during our winter season, otherwise known as preparing for sap season.


River has been working on the cabin and it is coming along just fine. a composting toilet, bunk beds, desk area, wood stove, and an area for a comfy love seat is coming together very nicely. The electrical is complete and the insulation is in. The wood stove is in and the doors and windows are ready to go up. Once the door is on, the mudding and taping can commence. I am going for white as the paint color in here, it is a small space.

The boys are excited that they will have a tiny home to stay in if they want when workers aren’t there.

Where the bunks will be
The bathroom area


This is all very exciting and time consuming, I can’t wait for it to be done!

We used siding off a building we took down that was shorter but then this cabin so we had to piece it together. Use what you have, make do or do without is the old saying I believe…


4 thoughts on “Busy Season?”

  1. I almost went to an area outside of Hilo to plant avocado trees and develop an orchard there. I really did not want to go, and I eventually got out of it. I might go back someday, when the timing is better. WWOOFERing is getting increasingly difficult here, and it is not so easy to find good people to do it with.


    1. Ahhh, you have wwooffed? We have had both good and bad experiences with wwoofers. It is a tricky situation, but with our new cabin, we can provide some privacy along with good food. What were your experiences like?

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      1. I got out of it this time. I really did not want to go at the time, but will likely go back to help a friend who is now growing avocados outside of Hilo. It is not formal wwoofing. I am just going out to help him set up the orchard. In my region, is is popular with the marijuana growers. One buys a bit of land and then gets all his friends to come out and grow marijuana on it. They all brag about how profitable it is, but they are all broke shortly after harvest. The land gets trashed in only a few months, and then gets foreclosed on. It is very bad for the environment, even though they believe that they live in harmony with nature.
        Goodness, I did not mean to rant.


  2. Are they broke because they smoke the profit? I thought hemp was supposed to be a good environmental choice as an alternative for cotton, no? My understanding was it is better for the land then growing cotton with all the pesticides. Perhaps my info is flawed. And I am not talking about growing for a medical or personal smoking purpose, I am interested in it for clothing, or alternative paper purposes, I must be missing something. We had a wwoofer suggest we should grow pot on our property, um no thanks, not of interest.


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