Before the tumor took over – we went on VACATION! What a concept – it was great! We went to Quebec, to the old city area, it is only 5 hours from our house but it felt like we were in Europe.

I wanted to go ice skating on the groomed trails – I have always loved skating and have not gotten to do it enough in recent years.

We bought LL Beans comfort skates all around, except for a pair of Trace’s old skates that fit Arden, and buckled in! Even Soren was skating – it was amazing! We had so much fun – we went on two different trails near the city and would like to go back sometime to try out trails farther from the city that are longer for some night skating. There are skating rinks all over the place and it seemed to me that instead of getting together to walk, people got together to skate! Good idea here as the old city was very icy!

We went on a toboggan run in the old city as well. The boys loved it and wanted to do it again as soon as we got to the bottom. River and I looked at each other and thought – oh my goodness we could have all been killed – so we didn’t do it again. It was fun (I screamed the whole way down) but so fast and furious! I was good with one run!

We stayed at an Airbnb and cooked most of our meals there which was perfect, we saved a lot of money that way. We had decided that we would eat out once a day – this was perfect. I couldn’t try all the things I wanted to eat like the poutine, because it was not gluten free in most places so my menu was limited which was a little disappointing. We did have some excellent meals in the old city.

We also visited and Iroquois museum with replicas of the long houses and other interesting buildings. We had been reading the Indian in the Cupboard series By: Lynne Reid Banks one of the main characters is an Iroquois Indian so the boys were very interested in seeing all the details at the museum. This is an outside museum and it was a very cold day when we were there, but it was still very interesting!


We also visited the Museum of Civilization right in the city. They had a large Native display that they boys loved and a large children’s area with dress up that was fun as well as a robotics, electronics area which Trace and Arden found exciting. Trace even taught the guide in the electronics area something about programing for a certain kind of robot.


Walking around the old city, seeing the old buildings still decked out for the holidays was pretty too! So many hills, my calves were on fire, I definitely need more hills in my life!

If you are looking for a family adventure, I would highly recommend a trip to Quebec. We plan to go back!

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