Meningioma Tumor/Healing

Things I Could Not Do 6 Months Ago

It has been about 6 months since my brain tumor was removed, and I feel great, there are so many things that I didn’t realize I couldn’t do until I could. Many things I knew I was having trouble doing but didn’t know WHY I was having trouble doing them.

Balance the checkbook – don’t even ask – it was a sad state of affairs.

Hem a pair of pants – every pair of pants I hemmed in the last two years was 2 inches too short and I could not figure out why it kept happening.

Cook an edible meal – my poor family – I’m telling you – they ate more crappy food…

Weed the garden – I could do it – but it hurt and I wasn’t able to complete the job properly.

Make a meal plan – planning one meal a day was beyond me at the end let alone three meals – so hard.

Clean my house – so sorry to anyone that visited, I did not realize how dirty my house was – still trying to catch up.

Make decisions – getting dressed was a chore – deciding if I should call someone now or later in the day – I often just didn’t make the call – choices were that hard.

Give my 6 year old an underdog on the swings – it hurt and he felt too heavy – now this is no problem – he was sooooo happy about this the other day!

Plan the garden – I didn’t even utilize my greenhouse last summer – it was a mass of weeds this spring – what a wreak – but it is now weeded and planted in tomatoes and peppers – yeah!

Potty train our youngest – he was ready for at least a year – but I couldn’t figure out what to do it felt like an unsurmountable task – He potty trained in 3 days – I kid you not.

Get the doors fixed on our van – they haven’t worked properly for at least a year and I had called the dealership about getting them fixed and they quoted me almost $1,000 per door to get them fixed, I called a different garage, but figuring out how to get the car there to have them check it out, then another time to get it fixed felt impossible – we finally got the doors fixed last week – life changing I tell you – life changing.

See my phone without glasses – this is not joke – I absolutely could not read my phone without glasses on. Now I can, my sight isn’t perfect, but instead of the intense glasses I have now, I could probably go back to my $2.99 readers from Reny’s if they break. I usually take them off when I am watching tv which didn’t used to be an option.

Follow through – I would start projects and be unable to figure out how to finish them.

Beat my then 12 year old at Connect Four – could not do it – he is a strategist and I could not figure out how to beat him – now we come out pretty even – well 60/40 – I think he still wins more then I do.

Rest – I really thought I just had to keep going and resting was not on the list of things I thought I could do.

Now I am planning meals, cooking good food, giving underdogs, fixing hems, solving problems, winning at Connect Four, cleaning my house, balancing the check book, learning French with my little guys, planning gardens and following through as I have the energy, and resting.

I still have problems finding words and on the spot thinking is not my thing. You would win pretty much any argument you had with me right now (don’t tell my 13 year old) because I can not think on my feet and words just come pouring out in a jumble perhaps in the wrong context or with a word or two in the wrong place, changing the entire meaning of what I wanted to say.

I saw someone the other day that hadn’t seen me since my surgery, he asked me if I had lost weight because I look so much better. I have actually gained weight – not moving much for three months and eating wonderful food people bring will do that to a girl. Another friend said I finally didn’t look tired anymore and was more animated then she remembered seeing me. I was so tired folks, constant pain is exhausting even when you don’t realize it is there. So I am happy to say that I feel and look better now then I did six months ago.  I still think I can do more then I can and occasionally tire myself out completely (bed time is not at 5pm, but sometimes it feels like it should be). Resting is still a priority, but I am managing to get so much more done even with the time I need to rest – remembering to take that time is the challenge.

Something that I did do well last summer was plant about 50 strawberry plants, they look fantastic and are covered with lots of beautiful berries, we are about three weeks behind here because of the cold weather, so we should have some ripe berries in about two weeks. I am so excited about this!

I think River is in shock every evening when he comes home to a clean kitchen – poor guy – he’ll get used to it I’m sure.


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