The Farm:

We are located in the mid coast region of Maine, in the small town of Woolwich.

Where did the name Firehouse Farm come from:

Our property belonged to our neighbor, Judy’s parents. Her parents raised 5 girls here before building a house next door. They had a farm and Mr. Richard slaughtered chickens for the neighbors, had cows and a large garden. Laura Anne’s parents bought the property in 1977. Mr. Richard had moved what was part of the old Woolwich Firehouse located near where the Cumberland Farms is now to this property as a garage at some point. Judy tells the best stories about life here and what our town was like when she was growing up. Such a fun connection!

This building is now our sugar shack, it has been moved and changed several times and may have a few original pieces of wood left in it, but a cool history which is where our name came from.


The History of the people behind Firehouse Farm:

River: The mastermind and muscle, he is a professional carpenter working full time for a local company that he enjoys.

He has explored many areas of the world, when he was growing up his family lived in North Africa, as an adult he has explored both North and South America as a guide for rock and ice climbing as well as on a motorcycle adventure.

Perhaps all this travel is why he is enjoying the roots he is putting down in the community here so much.

Laura Anne: The homemaker and gardener, this is the house she grew up in so she is deeply rooted here.

Her favorite place to be is the greenhouse, by herself, otherwise she worries about little feet trampling the plants and it is no longer relaxing…

T: Our oldest son, he loves basketball, art and reading and is in charge of the laying hens, he has grand plans for a new coup that includes an automatic door that will close and open based on the rising of the sun.

One spring when he was 4 or 5 he said to me “Mama, I just want to put my hands in the soil.” That’s my boy!

A: Our middle son, loves basketball, he also loves art and painting. He helps with the laying hens when T isn’t home, he loves to pick them up and feed them, he loves to plant seeds, and eating carrots out of the garden could be a profession for him.

S: Our youngest son, he is hilarious and loves to repeat every thing his brothers say and follows them everywhere!