Maple Syrup

Moving Forward: Spring Approaches!

As we move towards the spring, River is preparing to collect sap. In the past we have tapped trees in January. This year there is no way we are going to be prepared for that! With my recent surgery and much needed rest for healing, River has been taking on some of my duties and has not had as much time to prepare yet!

We have big plans for Maine Maple Sunday! We have an entire pig to smoke in the freezer which we will be serving with Maple barbecue sauce which will be available first come, first serve. There will be pork from the freezer and possibly a few roasting chickens. This year we will be collaborating with Wildfours Gluten Free bakery to make some special maple goodies for the weekend as well as the usual maple treats, maple nuts and maple sugar candy.

We had so much fun last year with Matt Loosigian singing and he has said he will join us this year as well!

Snow is coming this weekend, lots of it! In the meantime River has been running sap lines and scouting new areas to collect sap. We can’t wait for sap season!

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Woolwich Day’s

We are planning to be at Woolwich Day’s on August 4th from 9 to 2. We will be selling Smoked, Pulled Chicken BBQ sandwiches, frozen chicken, fresh garlic and the last of our maple syrup.

Join everyone for crafts, fun and food at the Woolwich Day’s event, we hope to see you there!

If you come to the farm this Sunday, July 29th to Saturday, August 4th to buy chickens we will give you 5% off, buy ’em fresh by calling me before tomorrow to reserve a fresh one or buy them frozen starting Sunday. Our flag holder for the open sign by the road broke, but our self serve store is still open!

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Food For Sale!

We have some items for sale! Our little store is not ready yet, and we have a limited quantity of some items available, which I will pick fresh as requested. Call ahead if you would like them ready for pick up. 207-400-9898

I will be home all day today to fill orders.

Rhubarb $4 a pound

Red Winecap Mushrooms $5 a pound

These are a meaty mushroom when used fresh, that takes on the flavors of whatever it is cooked with

Kale $3 a bag

This is kale that grew back from some of last years stems. The kale is so tender, we use it for salads, delish!


Chaga $2.50 an ounce, bulk pricing available

Locally sourced within 20 miles of Firehouse Farm, available for shipping, call or text me with questions 207-400-9898


Dried Mushrooms $4.50 a Bag

Available for shipping, quantity pricing available


Maple Syrup $23 a quart, Amber or Dark available, get it well it lasts!

Amber on the left, Dark on the right



Maple Syrup

Maine Maple Sunday

We had a very busy March with a traditional Maine Maple Sunday event, our first, here on the Farm.

We combined forces with our friends and neighbors, Matt and Eli who live about a mile away and have their own little farm, Mahalo. We will be growing our piggies with them this year, cleaning up an area that they are going to turn into an orchard.

Matt is a musician and he played at our Maple event. He was fabulous and played some songs he created on the spot and some oldies and goodies! He was definitely a hit. He can be hired for events and also sings in a couple of groups. Find local events he is playing at by going to

Eli was selling her Organic Body And Massage Creams from Safar Body Care. They are awesome, check them out at

Venison Chili and Vegan Lentil Soup were available as well as maple cream, which is so deliciously creamy and perfect on a warm piece of buttered toast, Maple sugar candy, maple syrup, maple meringues and Wildflours goodies from Wildflours in Brunswick, a gluten free bakery. (Visit Wildflours on Facebook)

Thank you to everyone that came and supported our farm and helped at our event, we had many friends that helped tap trees, carry sap, set up for the event, provided emotional support and pitched in to help when ever it was needed. We had a great day and the entire family agreed that we can’t wait for next year!