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More Changes at the Farm

I’m telling you, this has been some crazy kind of year for the Lee’s!

Recently our septic system failed, so a new summer project came up as well as changes for the farm. We only have an acre of land and apparently our old septic system was severely undersized for the number of bedrooms we have. This means that we can’t just dig up the old system and put down new pipes and fill etc. We have to actually move the entire septic system to a new location on the property. The only space that is available is the one at the bottom of our hill, which is where the laying hens were and the gardens. This means that we have to cut down several trees in the area and we got rid of the chickens. We were planning to have these chickens until fall then put them in the freezer and build a new coop before we got any more chickens, however, we had to get rid of the chickens before we could get a septic design so, the chickens are in the freezer a little sooner then anticipated.

We were planning to have meat birds again this year. We changed our mind and decided not to do them as we have this big project on our hands now. Our friends at Mahalo Farm right down the road will have two pigs for us and that is the extent of our animals at the moment. They would also be happy to sell pork to you in the fall.

I am only planting in our greenhouse and at our away field (about a half mile down the road). Our away field will be squashes and pumpkins in the entire field. We grew potatoes there last year, and squash is pretty low maintenance, once it gets large enough.

In the greenhouse we will have, tomatoes, peppers, basil, green beans and possibly some lettuce, but I might put the lettuce in pots on the porch instead, we will see how that pans out.

Overall it is a big change for the farm. This is both a relief and sad for us. We were trying to simplify after my surgery and this is a forced simplification.

We are still planning to ramp up our syrup production in the spring of 2020.

Meningioma update: I had my first follow up MRI and it looked great, the doctor had no concerns and this will be my new baseline MRI. Hopefully there won’t be any growth detected ever or at least for many, many years. This is wonderful news and we are very grateful!

One thing that came about since my surgery is that one of my knees really started hurting. I had fallen down the stairs while holding #3 when he was just a couple weeks old (about 4 years ago) and twisted my knee. This seemed to have repaired itself and had not caused me pain for sometime, until one of my children rammed into me a couple of years ago and my leg twisted again. I had some pain and a constant uncomfortableness, but it was not unbearable nor did it impede my motion or walking etc. About a month after my surgery, when I was done with any drugs and not taking even advil daily and began moving around more, my knee became so painful I couldn’t walk for a few days and had trouble sleeping. Apparently my head had been hurting so badly that I didn’t realize that my knee was badly injured. I had torn some cartilage and meniscus in my knee. Hoping to avoid another surgery, I am now doing physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles and it is working very nicely.

Since my surgery I have come to find out that I was really, really lucky not to have any life altering problems after my surgery. I still have trouble when there is a lot of overwhelming noise and commotion sometimes and I have trouble remembering words on occasion (ok, sometimes several times a day if I am tired – but that could just be because I am getting older right???), but this is so minor compared to other complications. It could have been so much worse. River knows of someone who was diagnosed after me and had surgery and it is like she had a stroke since her surgery, she has a droop to one side of her face and has trouble with one side of her body working sometimes. I feel that we were remarkably lucky that I did not have any complications with the surgery and recovery. Amazing.

I will be selling seedlings at the bottom of the driveway beginning next Saturday. I will have, tomatoes, pepper seedlings as well as rhubarb plants that need to be divided so if you need any rhubarb plants for your yard come on over! We also have maple syrup still available.

Enjoy the week, hopefully it will warm up soon!

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Rhubarb and Rhubarb Stew

Mama, can we pick the rhubarb, can we pick the rhubarb? Please, it looks ready, come see!

A five year old refrain, he loves to pick it, cut it and cook it into Rhubarb Stew.

This is a rough family recipe that we have been making for years.

Chop a good sized handful of rhubarb into bite size pieces, place in pot with a small amount of water, cover and bring to boil. Rhubarb will be breaking apart at this point.

Ready to cook!

We like to add cinnamon and ginger to ours, just a tich and maple syrup to taste.

You could also use sugar or any other sweetner you prefer. Rhubarb is definitely tart, so you will want some kind of sweetener.

Serve this warm over ice cream or with cream for a delicious treat!

When preparing rhubarb, remember that the roots and leaves are poisonous. Only the stem is edible.

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Food For Sale!

We have some items for sale! Our little store is not ready yet, and we have a limited quantity of some items available, which I will pick fresh as requested. Call ahead if you would like them ready for pick up. 207-400-9898

I will be home all day today to fill orders.

Rhubarb $4 a pound

Red Winecap Mushrooms $5 a pound

These are a meaty mushroom when used fresh, that takes on the flavors of whatever it is cooked with

Kale $3 a bag

This is kale that grew back from some of last years stems. The kale is so tender, we use it for salads, delish!


Chaga $2.50 an ounce, bulk pricing available

Locally sourced within 20 miles of Firehouse Farm, available for shipping, call or text me with questions 207-400-9898


Dried Mushrooms $4.50 a Bag

Available for shipping, quantity pricing available


Maple Syrup $23 a quart, Amber or Dark available, get it well it lasts!

Amber on the left, Dark on the right



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Some friends gave us some more rhubarb plants the other day. I have taken a video to show you what the roots look like. My boys think they look like giant sweet potatoes, I think they look like alien appendages.

A couple notes about our rhubarb bed; some of our plants are too close together, I know this, we are establishing a larger bed for the rhubarb to take care of this, they should be planted about three feet apart for maximum production.

I am posting a video on our Facebook page, as I don’t have an upgraded site, I can’t post a video