Firehouse Farm

221 River Road

Woolwich, Maine 04579

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207-461-4840 River Lee

Firehouse farm is offering a selection of fresh meats in the 2018 season. Located in Woolwich, Maine we want to provide the local community with affordable, sustainably grown pork and chicken.

Our pigs and meat chickens are given GMO free, natural feed grown in Canada and are out on pasture for much of their lives.

Our chickens are raised for 4 weeks in a well ventilated brooder before being put to pasture in chicken tractors for the next 4 to 5 weeks. Our happy chickens are moved twice a day to fresh pasture where they peck and scratch for bugs and grass. We currently have the capacity to raise 100 chickens at a time and will raise 4 batches of chickens in 2018. We like the chickens to be between 5 and 6 pounds each after they are butchered.

Our 2018 pigs will be pastured alongside pigs owned by Mahalo Farm, also in Woolwich, where they will be rooting up over grown land to be converted to an orchard. We are planning to grow them to 220 to 250 pounds for a lean pork product. Our pork will be sold by the half or whole pig. You can expect to get 72% of usable cuts from a whole pig.

We raise our chicken and pork to fill your orders. We slaughter the chickens on our farm and you can pick them up fresh on the day of the slaughter or frozen starting the day after the slaughter. We plan to have some chickens in our freezer for purchase during the winter as well.

The pigs will go to the butcher for slaughter on Monday October 15th and will be ready for pick up that week. The smoked pork products take a while longer to get back to you. Please fill out the attached cut sheet from the butcher so that they know how to process your pig.

To place your orders, fill out the forms on the reverse side of this brochure and return to us.

2018 Firehouse Farm Chicken and Pig Orders

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Our chickens average between 4 to 6 pounds each and sell for $4.50 a pound. We sell whole birds only. There is a deposit of $12 a bird and the remaining balance is due when you pick them up.

2018 Slaughter Dates

Quantity of Frozen Chicken

Quantity of Fresh Chickens


Total Due

June 30

July 28

August 25

September 22


Pork sells for $5.25 a pound based on hanging weight, the weight after the pigs are slaughtered and eviscerated.

Ready after October 15th, 2018

Number of Pigs


Total Due

Half Pig


Whole Pig